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Sembol Leather

Our company has an important position in the sector with its managerial staff with many years of experience and well-equipped technical team.

While producing goods and services in an area of 1500 m² in the early 2000s, it has reached a production area of 3300 m² by 2020.

As a company, we reached a leather production capacity of 50 million dm² in a very short time.

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Our Vision

After this stage, our company has chosen to focus on quality, high value-added and unique products by being included in the category of "ENTERPRISES THAT DO NOT GROW", the rising trend of our age.

Being the first company to apply digital printing on genuine leather is an indication of our dynamic and innovative structure.

Our strong vision makes our way clear and bright.

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Our Mission

It is to be conscious of fulfilling its duty and responsibility at the highest level in terms of both innovation and quality and making the sector attractive to the employees in getting the Turkish leather sector to the points it deserves.